Believing that Stewardship IS the Solution, the process that we utilize with those we serve, our own clients and the donors referred to us by Ministry Organizations, goes well beyond mere determination of “goals and objectives” (as in the traditional planning field) to identification of life purpose and to the advancement of passion for that life purpose. Our process, based on principles of Biblical stewardship, encourages choices based upon the Biblical imperatives of the Word, expanding stewardship knowledge and the application of that knowledge in the life of each individual served by members of The Stewardship Alliance.


We believe, and our experience reflects, that our work enables a far-reaching expansion of Kingdom Impact across the whole of the life of each individual client and that client’s family. We call that steward leadership process The Stewardship Solution™.


If stewardship principles, embedded in the life of each person we serve, resulted in only a 1˚ change in the whole of that life, that one degree will change the course of that life. And that 1˚ will impact lives into eternity. 

1˚ Brochure 







If your heart is wise, then my heart will be glad

-Proverbs 23:15 NIV